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All Burgers served with your choice
 of Potato, Deluxe any burger with Lettuce,
Tomato and Mayo for $1.00
HAMBURGER                                                             $6.25
-Add Cheese for $0.50
-Add Bacon for $1.00

BOBS BURGER                                                           $6.25
Burger served on Texas Toast with your
choice of toppings.

PATTY MELT                                                              $6.75
Burger topped with American and Swiss
Cheeses, Sauteed Onions and served on
grilled WW bread.

LUCKY DOG BURGER                                              $7.25
Burger topped with Sauteed Onions,
Swiss Cheese and Ham.
COWBOY BURGER                                                   $7.25
Burger topped with American cheese,
Onion Rings and BBQ Sauce.
BOURBON BURGER                                                 $7.25
Burger grilled in Bourbon Sauce. topped
with Sauteed Onions and Swiss Cheese.
BREAKFAST BURGER                                             $8.25
Burger topped with Ham, Bacon, American
Cheese and an over medium Egg on Grilled
Texas Toast.
All Sandwiches served with your choice
of Potato
STEAK SANDWICH                                                 $7.25
Shredded Steak with Sauteed Onions,
BBQ and Cheese served on a Hoagie Bun.
FRENCH DIP                                                              $7.25
Shredded Steak served on Au Jus
and served on a Hoagie Bun.
PHILLY BEEF OR CHICKEN                                  $7.25
Shredded Steak or Chicken topped with
Sauteed Peppers, Onions & Cheese, served
on a Hoagie Bun

PIZZA BURGER                                                         $6.50

CHICKEN FILLET SANDWICH                             $6.50

FISH SANDWICH                                                      $6.50

BLT                                                                                $5.00

GRILLED CHEESE                                                     $4.00
-Add Bacon or Ham for $1.00
All Sandwiches served with your choice
of Potatoes or Texas Toast 
CHICKEN STRIP BASKET                                        $6.95
SHRIMP BASKET                                                       $6.95
JUMBO POPCORN CHICKEN OR FISH                $6.95
CHISLIC BASKET                                                       $8.75
MOZZARELLA STICKS                                              $4.50
CHEESE BALLS                                                           $4.50
JALAPENO POPPERS                                                $4.50	
ONION RINGS                                                             $4.50
1/2LB GIZZARDS                                                        $4.50
CORN DOGS                                                                $4.50
FRIES, CRISSCUTS, SWEET FRIES                        $1.95
MINI TACOS                                                                 $4.50
JALAPENO CRAB BITES                                          $5.95
JUMBO POPCORN CHICKEN                                 $5.95
HOT WINGS                                                                 $6.50
Choose your Favorite Sauce!!!!!     
Hot, Caribbean, Bourbon, Berry, BBQ,  or
Honey Garlic
COMBO BASKET                                                         $7.25
Includes Cheese Balls, Mozz Sticks,
Jalapeno Poppers, Mini Tacos, Corn Dogs,
Onions Rings and XX
SEAFOOD COMBO                                                      $7.25
Includes Shrimp, Jumbo Popcorn Fish,
Jalapeno Crab Bites, and French Fries